Customer Experience Specialist

Customer Experience Specialist

  • Salário: R$ 4000,00
  • Benefícios: Vale Transporte, Vale Refeição, Vale Alimentação, Assistência Médica, Assistência Odontológica, Seguro de Vida, Gym Pass
  • Local de trabalho: Curitiba
  • Horário: A combinar


It’s all about the experience! The Customer Experience Specialist is the expert of our marketing and sales organization, playing a pivotal role between our customers, Customer Success departments, product and other internal teams. As a member of the Customer Experience team you’ll be committed to providing a 360-degree positive experience in all interactions and as a result, increasing engagement of our customers, building long term relationships with individual customers and facilities. Responsibilities: Engaging our SaaS’ users; Building long term relationships with our customers; Developing marketing automation in [country] 🙂 (HubSpot, Appcues); Planning and creating interesting content which converts; Create internal flows in order to make CS work easier and more efficient; Take care of customer experiences on each stage of their customer journey.



If you: Have 2+ years of experience in CX areas. Are both creative and logical thinker. Have ideas on engaging SaaS users. Have perfect skills to work in group and ability to convince people to work with you. Like to work autonomously. Love challenges, and you’re not afraid to test new approaches and ideas. Speak English fluently. Are well organized and detail oriented (devil is in the details!). Have great communication skills.


Interessados: Enviar currículo EM ANEXO para o e-mail:   Assunto: Customer Experience Specialist – CVPR.


** As empresas enviam as vagas pra CVPR através do formulário. Elas são responsáveis pela vaga **

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